LAURA E. J. MORAN poet, performer, instructor, editor, cultural programmer

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Laura E J Moran Bio

LAURA MORAN is a hot poet at the top of her game. She is risking everything

by sofa-surfing the USA -- seeing her is like taking the temperature of the Age."

-- Bob Holman, editor of United States of Poetry and founder Bowery Poetry Club.

"One of the most beautifully lyrical poets ever to bridge the space between page

and stage."--Taylor Mali, national award winning poet, performer, educator.

"Poet chanteuse of the highest order LAURA MORAN. Every time this woman

steps on a stage, molecules shift to be nearer to her words. Rarely do you find

someone who without raising volume above normal speech can hush a room to

rapture; Laura is just such a poet." ---LouderArts Project, NYC

"LAURA MORAN is that rare bird of poetry who can hush a room with style

and craft, a joy for all real poetry fans." ---Abena Koomson, poet.

"A WomanNoise celebration of the revolutionary female in the spirit of June

Jordan --featuring the label-defying always-enchanting ever-fabulous LAURA

MORAN." ---Seve, New York poet.

"LAURA MORAN: A mover and a shaker and a poetry heart breaker."

---Bowery Poetry Club, NYC.

"LAURA MORAN is what many hope to be after years of craft honing. Where did this little white lady get the audacity to take over a stage when she barely breaks 110 pounds??? She definitely walks a fine line between the page and the stage. She performs her poems with panache. She holds the room on her tongue. She made page work and performance work all mix and blend into a perfect feature.

---Fish Vargas, NYC poet and host of Acentos.

Laura E. J. Moran, co-founder of B-Trads: Teaching Artist Alliance, is the 1992 recipient of the Jean Garrigue Award and the 2012 Beverly Hiscox Graduate Creative Writing Scholarship.

She tours, teaches, and lectures throughout the country and abroad in universities, public schools, literacy groups, coffee houses, and churches. Her collaborations with environmental organizations.such as the National Park Service and the Delaware Highlands Conservancy exemplify the community building power of interdisciplinary programming.

She has presented at the 2010 American Library Associaiton conference, the 2013 Accerlerating Action Forum for the Delaware River Watershed, and the 2013 Upper Delaware Roundtable leading discussions on the role that humanities play in developing a region's sense of cultural and environmental heritage .

She earned her M.A. and M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Wilkes University where she completed a hybrid novel "Jump the Snake" and a full-length play "Last Words" inspired by the last words of the first one hundred women in Colonial America to be legally executed.

In 1992 Laura became Providence's first Grand Slam Champion and in 1996 Seattle's Grand Slam Champion. She has represented both Seattle and Providence on various national poetry teams from 1996-1998.

For four years as vice-president of Projective Verse, Inc., she introduced students of all ages to performance poetry and organized/hosted the Providence 2000 National Poetry Slam where over 500 international poets invaded over fifteen venues for five days and nights.

Several of her pieces appear in such publications as Defined Providence, Redactions #14: I-90 Revolution, Revival: Spoken Word from Lollapalooza 1994, Children Remember Their Fathers, Chokecherries: SOMOS Series Anthology 2002, Quix Quarterly, River Reporter's Literary Gazette 2002-4. Her work has been performed in collaboration with Words and Letters: RI Calligraphers and Poets and with Island Moving Company's production of Out of the Box.

In 1999, she received the Mayor's citizen's citation for artistic contribution in Providence, RI.

In September 2002, her work was the subject of a half-hour poetry documentary that aired repeatedly on channel MNN in NYC.

In 2004, she received a New York Foundation of the Arts grant for Emerging Writers at the Center for the Book Arts in New York City.

At the end of 2005, Laura recorded Live Bait --a spoken word and music CD at NACL

Theatre in Highland Lake, NY. The CD release party "Inhibition Exhibition" in 2006 was also held at NACL Theatre and included a live performance as well as art installations exploring the origins of moving images and included thaumascopes, phenakistascopes and Edison's first footage.

In July 2006, Laura was invited to be an instructor and mentor at the Poetry Slam International Cross Training Camp in Oneonta, NY. Don McIver interviewed Laura for

Poetry Slam International , Inc pod cast in September 2006.

In 2007, Laura recorded her performance Improper Joy live in front of a live audience and released the recording accompanied with the book of poetry in 2008. In October 2009, Laura presented "Eden: The Dark Side of Paradise" at NACL Theatre which explored her blue-collar upbringing, family memory, ritual, and impact of personal and community decisions through use of archival soundscape, spoken word, music, Pop projections, and a devised Garden of Eden co-created with artist John Roth built of car hoods, wonky crosses, junk food and a twenty five foot Shinto red tree.

Laura is co-organizer and Artistic Director of the Hosting of the Bards Festival in Callicoon, NY and Adult Programming Coordinator at the Western Sullivan Public Library where poetry has become the cornerstone public activity. She is curator and host of First Fridays: Contemporary Author Series at the Tusten-Cochecton Branch a monthly series from April to December supported for over eight years by Poets and Writers Readings and Workshops grants.

She resides in northeastern Pennsylvania at the convergence of the North and South branches of Calkins Creek, a tributary to the Delaware River.


LIVE: Improper Joy (CD w/book. Photosynthesis Press: 2008)

Improper Joy (High Water Mark Sal[o]on: 2007)

Live Bait (2nd Edition. w/CD Great Divide Records: 2005)

Live Bait (1st edition. Photosynthesis Press: 2003)

Original Skin w/CD (Photosynthesis Press: 2001)

Exodus (Photosynthesis Press: 1997)

Where We Live (Photosynthesis Press: 1995)

Kiss of an Axe (11th Hour: 1992)


Jump the Snake, hybrid novel, 148 pgs. 2012.

Last Words, script, 51 pgs, 2012.


Rich Lady Buying Lipstick (Photosynthesis Press: 2002)

Anna Baker (Doublebunny Press: 1997)



"If one should wonder where the 'poetry' in 'performance poetry' has gone, one need look no further than the work of Laura Moran." - Daniel Solis, national award-winning poet

Laura Moran is that rarity: an intense stage performer whose work is imagistic, writerly,

compressed and modulated. Her CD plus booklet is bare-bones but pure, Laura's voice carrying loon and hawk, Penelope, Leda, Kali, and the other women of "Western Civ" "Liberty Walking" straight into your inner ear. -- Ranked in the Top 10 Audio Cds by on Original Skin.

Laura is a poet that appeals as much to the nature poets whom have been writing for 50 years as she does to the teen, just beginning to discover 'voice'. She is a particular favorite of women of all ages. Her intergenerational appeal is what makes her the perfect feature.-- Connecticut Slam 2002

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